Malayalam for Tourists

Though the people of Kerala speak and understand both Malayalam and English it would prove really useful if you learn a few essential words and sentences in Malayalam that can help you find a way or communicate something important when you visit a remote area.

  Hello   Namaskaram
  How are you?   Sukhamalle?
  Glad to meet you   Kandathil Santhosham
  Go right   Valathekku Poku
  Go left   Edathekku Poku
  Go straight   Nere Poku
  Go backwards   Purakottu Poku
  Stop   Nilkku
  Let’s Go   Namukku Pokam
  Where does this road lead to?   Ee vazhi evidekka pokunne?
  How much does it cost?   Ithinu entha vila?
  Want   Venam
  Don’t speak so fast   Pathukke Samsarikku
  One   Onn
  Two   Rand
  Three   Moonn
  Four   Naalu
  Five   Anj
  Six   Aaru
  Seven   Ezhu
  Eight   Ettu
  Nine   Onpathu
  Ten   Patth


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